The tournament rules are based on the official FIBA Basketball rules including all adjustments that happened in 2017. Divergent rules apply as follows:

Special U12
Players per team: 5 Ball Size 5 Backcourt violation (a live ball in the frontcourt may not be played back to backcourt). Free Throws at 4 meters (normal 5.8m). No 3-point shots. No full court press allowed! Throw-in must be guaranteed. Defense can start at free throw line.

Game time
4 x 8 minutes timed
(3 minutes halftime break)

Game restrictions
4 personal fouls
3 team fouls per quarter
2 time-outs per half

Zone-/Man-2-Man Defense: Man-2-Man Defense obligation
Violations will be prosecuted after one warning with a free-throw and a throw-in at the center line for the opponent team. At repeated obvious violation a technical foul shall be charged against the coach (C-foul) The assessment is at the discretion of the referee.

Disqualification – For coaches and players: 
A disqualified foul (‘D’) leads to an immediate disqualification of the current game and a disqualification for the next game.
Depending on the force of the foul, the organizer reserves the right to pronounce an exclusion from the tournament.

Player substitutions are possible at any time of the game without referee confirmation. The substitution has to take place at the middle line next to the scorer table. The substitute needs to wait until the player left the court at the middle line before he/she can go in and become a player. An infringement will be punished with a technical foul for the coach (‘C‘).